subjective impression

It has to be this way, it has to be this way

Don't you think so a lot?

I suddenly redecorated my room late at night the other day.
I've been here for over 4 years.
The sofa has to be placed in front of the TV.
I was thinking.

Suddenly the sofa doesn't have to be here, does it? What
I thought about it and moved it.
What was your assumption so far?

I feel that the room is larger here, and when I want to watch TV separately
If you change the way you sit, you won't be able to see properly.
I realized that it was okay to sit on the floor.

It's just something you decide for yourself.
I think there are a lot of things that make it hard to breathe.

I am myopic in intensity.
When I was young, I hated it if I didn't correct it well.
At some point, I realized that I didn't have to go that far.
I always had eye strain because I was overcorrecting.
And it could be said that he could not be absent-minded.

I think everyone has something to stick to.
When you notice it, your mind becomes stiff and your body becomes stiff.
It may end up.

If you change the direction of looking a little,
I think there are many things that can be easier than you think.

Oh yes, it is said that the state of the room is a reflection of the state of mind.
If you look at your room first, you may notice something.
I don't know.

Sleep and anemia

Do you like to sleep slowly on holidays?

I really liked it.
The futon feels good and I want to sleep all the time.
Even if you take a nap, you can fall asleep as soon as night falls.

Once in the futon, you will fall asleep within 3 minutes.
Even if you are woken up on duty, you can sleep again immediately.
I had no sleeplessness.
I thought what a happy feeling.

I realized it was because of anemia
After the anemia is gone.

When I woke up in the morning, I got out of bed quickly.
I don't sleep again unless I have something very serious.

And the biggest change is that I can't help but be sleepy during the day.
It's almost gone.

Even if you can donate blood, you may have anemia

I think some people think that I don't have anemia because I can donate blood.
Blood donation is decided not by the presence or absence of anemia, but by specific gravity.

In fact, even if you are anemic and have a considerable iron deficiency, you can donate blood.

There was a patient who was seen after donating blood because he was tired and tired.
Even though there was little iron and ferritin,
I realized that I was getting extra tired because I donated blood.

If you love to sleep, have your iron and ferritin properly measured.

Sports and Kriya Hops

Sports and CBD
Until a few years ago, I used to go out to the mountains and ski on my days off.
Recently, I have stopped plating.

If I had met Kriya Hops around that time, it would probably have been completely different.
I think.


Every time there is an accident in the mountains, it is said that
There are many words such as "I went to the mountains at my own risk, but I used my tax money..."

At the time I had mountain insurance.

But basically, it's your own responsibility.

Because we are real people, many things happen.
Pain medicines, antidiarrheal medicines, antibiotics, stomach medicines, taping tapes, bandages, etc.
I always carried it with me.

If I had Kriya Hops back then, I probably wouldn't have to carry my medicine.
I think it was good.

Today, I was happy to have a friend's tennis elbow.
1I was lightened by times water-soluble Kriya Hops and tablets.

chili pepper

Foods that warm the body

The cherry blossoms ended in many Japan seasons.
It can still be cool in the mornings and evenings.

I think there are many people who get cold when they wear a little light clothes because winter is over.
In order to improve sensitivity to cold, it is important to build muscle properly.

But anyway, one of the ingredients that warms your body quickly when it gets cold is chili peppers.

In Italian, peperoncino means chili pepper.
When I ordered a menu with the name Peperoncino with pasta, the chili pepper was firm.
It is intertwined with a tangy sauce.

It is contained in peperoncino that warms the body after eating
It is because of the substance capsaicin.

Have you ever heard that it is good to put hawk's claws in shoes and socks for cold feet?
Isn't it?
This is also hot pepper.

Capsaicin also acts on receptors that react.

そしてCbdis the same.
It is because of this effect that the body feels refreshed when taking CBD.

Speaking of foods that warm the body, there is also ginger.
This is because a substance called shogaol reacts with the same receptor as capsaicin.

This receptor is said to be capsaicin receptor TRPV1.
It is also associated with pain.

Have you ever experienced that it hurts when you get cold or that the pain eases when you get warm?
When you feel cold from a cold and your joints all over your body hurt, drink hot drinks such as ginger hot water.
The same is true that just drinking it will warm your body and relieve the pain.

In fact, commonly used painkillers are said to be antipyretic painkillers.
It has a cooling effect.

I think many people have pain medication as a regular medicine.
It may be a good idea to think again about how to use it.

Pets and CBD

Can I use CBD for my pet?

Even now Japan, there is a growing interest in CBD not only for humans but also for pets.
Think about the current situation in the U.S. and what to keep in mind when giving CBD to your pet.
Here is Dr.Joseph's blog.

CBD for dogs is now even more popular than CBD for humans. But can we safely give dogs the same things as CBD for humans??
We know that pharmaceutical company painkillers and drugs have strong side effects on humans and are not very good for animals. That's why ranchers and farmers are turning to natural alternatives, and CBD is overwhelmingly popular. According to researchers at Cornell University, dogs with arthritis who consumed CBD oil twice a day experienced a significant reduction in pain and increased activity.
2019A study of CBD in dogs with epilepsy conducted in the year found evidence that higher blood levels of CBD led to lower frequency of seizures.
An online survey of more than 2,000 veterinarians in the United States suggested that the following symptoms are suitable for treatment with CBD: Pain, arthritis, seizures, gastrointestinal disorders, anxiety and mood disorders, tumors, ride-sickness, fireworks/storm phobia.

There was a caveat that CBD for pets should not contain THC. With the legalization of marijuana in many states, pet marijuana poisoning has become a major cause of inquiries to veterinary poison control centers.
As an ingredient in CBD for pets, hemp is popular. But hemp, even "undetected" hemp, contains trace amounts of THC, which is harmful to pets. In this article, we will consider another safe alternative to CBD.

Is Hemp CBD Bad for Dogs?

The THC found in hemp CBD is harmful to pets. Even if it's a small amount. Veterinarians have been warning about this for years.
THC for Pets “High “brings a mood. Your consciousness may seem hazy and confused. It becomes difficult to walk and maintain balance. Other symptoms include:

Pupil dilation
vomiting(Trying) Frequent urination

Other problems When exposed to THC, it can also affect your heart rate and body temperature. In severe cases, it can also cause tremors, convulsions, coma, etc. The severity depends on the amount of THC, plus other factors such as the size of the pet.

Risks and causes of THC exposure in pets

CBD from hemp popular with humans. Many pet owners give this CBD to their dogs, cats. There is no CBD for hemp that does not contain THC
Therefore, it is a source of CBD that is dangerous for pets and should be avoided.
Dogs are very curious creatures. You may think that what you are using is not something that your pet eats. However, frequent phone calls to the Animal Poison Control Center indicate that the hemp CBD you have hidden is harmful to your pet.

Cats tend to have more intense likes and dislikes than dogs, but if you're growing cannabis in the house, you'll love to nibble on cannabis leaves.(Note.:We're talking about areas where cannabis is allowed.)Luxury products containing THC are quite tasty for pets. Ganja brownies, cookies, chocolates and other treats are definitely harmful temptations for them.

Synthetic CBD has also become a problem, but this has a more serious impact on pets than humans.

A powerful alternative using hops

It is a 100% natural plant CBD supplement using only Asian hops.
Patented(U.S. Patent No. US PP31,477)The Kriya hop plant contains a lot of CBD, terpenes and prenyl flavonoids, which are non-psychoactive cannabinoids. This plant naturally does not contain THC.:Even in the slightest amount. The hops used in Kriya Hops are common hops used in the brewing of beer(Humulus lupulus)It is a relative close to the vine. Kriya Hops is mild, but has a powerful effect on balancing the endocannabinoid system.
However, unlike cannabis products, it does not involve the risk of undesirable effects such as intoxication, paranoia, and cognitive impairment.

The active compounds found in Kriya Hops act as natural plant neurotransmitters, activating CB2 receptors found in the immune system, intestines, bones, brain, and more. Kriya Hots is a powerful immunostimulant and can also be used as a general tonic that promotes a calm mood and a healthy inflammatory response.

Kriya Hops is superior to synthetic and hemp-derived CBD.

Not all CBDs are the same.

"Biological activity"(It is different from "bioavailability")means how much effect a substance actually has on the body after it has been absorbed. In nature, there is only one type of CBD, Δ2-CBD. Other types of CBD are made by synthesis or molecules that have been denatured by heating or processing. In addition, CBD extracted from different parts of the same plant is biologically active(Strength)may be significantly lower.
One analytical study found that the bioactivity levels of commercial CBD products derived from cannabis are very low and variable. Kriya? Hops had a high biological activity of at least 76%.
A recent study by Dr. Luisa Rocha of The Center of Research and Advanced Studies suggests that CBD may calm serotonin receptors that trigger epilepsy. Three types of CBD were used to test the ability to suppress seizures in rats. At high doses, synthetic CBD reduced seizures by 20 percent, while hemp CBD reduced seizures by 60 percent. Kriya? Only Hots was able to stop all seizures 100%.
We are convinced that bioactive, hop-derived CBD, made from premium flowers rich in synergistic terpenes, is the best source of CBD for pets.

Anemia and sweet things

It was very relaxing and exciting.
There was always some kind of cookie or chocolate at home.

Before I knew it, I didn't have that time.

Or rather, the craving for sweet things that I had craved asexually disappeared.

In my case, it was caused by anemia that had existed since my early twenties.

If you have iron deficiency anemia, you may want something sweet asexually.
Many adult women have anemia and like sweets.
Probably related.

Before putting up with sweets are bad for you
First of all, whether there is anemia
And you need to know what the cause lies.

Come to think of it, my cravings for nuts, which I craved asexually, have also decreased.
This seems to be related to magnesium.

Tea time, sweet food sparingly
You want to relax.