Cannabinoid deficiency

Cannabinoid deficiency

In the evening, my eyes are drenched and my computer becomes difficult to see.
The shoulder becomes gachigachi by the desk work for a long time, and the head also hurts.
I have to finish it by the end of today.
I'm impatient with my feelings and I can't get caught up in it at all.

I want to go home early and early tomorrow.
I also know that lack of sleep is not good.

40Have you been getting worse and worse since you heard the 19-year-old voice?

I actually did too.

That's because there's a lack of endocannabinoids.
One cause.

Eat healthy, exercise, relax
This all leads to the condition of this endocannabinoid.

There are things you can do more directly.
Just include kriya hops in your mouth for 3-4 minutes.
30Because it has 4 times the amount of ml, you can drink plenty.

I got really easy with it.
Let's try it too.


Plant Patents

Plant Patents

Wild Hops (H. yunnanensis))5.2% contained detectable levels of cannabinoids.
The epic story that begins was written in the details of the patent.
THC crossed undetected strains to create Kriya HOP.
β cariophylen also seems to have increased in content with mating.

I don't specialize in plants, so I didn't understand them.

The full patent (English only) is posted on the homepage, so if you are interested, carefully
Please read it.