Kriya Hops CBD

not from stems or seedsExtracts from hop flowers

Contents: 1200mg of Kriya Hops extract in 4oz (about 120ml) MCT oil
304 times ml CBD!!120ml.
It has 70% more bioactiveness than conventional CBD.
Varieties where THC does not exist

Recommended for such a person
Those who want to raise immunity healthy
Those who want to maintain a calm and confident mood
Those who want to reduce fatigue

How to eat
1Please take 1 dropper (about 1 ml) as a guide.

List price: 28,000 yen (excluding tax)
*30 ml bottle with dropper: 330 yen (tax included)
Kriya Hop ImmunAG CBD
Kriya Hops CBD Developer Dr. Jospeh speaks
PeakHealthEnergy and Kriya Hops CBD

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To support healing and immunity

CBD from Hemp is one of the most watched supplements in the market.
However, not everyone feels comfortable with hemp, nor is it legally available.
We have a 100% natural CBD supplement from Asian hops.

Patented, naturally TSC-free hybrid

ImmunAG is an Asian hop(Humulus yunnanensis)It is an extract rich in cannabinoids extracted from flowers. Patented Asian Hop Variety Humulus Kriya®Includes cbd, CBG, CBC, medicinal terpene cariophyllene and humulen for non-psychotic cannabinoids at high levels. This remarkable plant is a variety that THC cannot make. Kriya hops are a close relative of the common hops that are used in beer brewing. Scientists believe that this hop species originally evolved from hemp about 27 million years ago.

Gentle yet powerful immune support

ImmungAG is mild but has a powerful balancing effect on the human endocannabinoid system. However, ImmunAG does not have the risk of addiction, paranoia, cognitive impairment or other unfavorable effects. In addition to many other receptors, the active compounds contained in ImmunAG act as natural plant-derived neurotransmitters that activate CB2 receptors in the immune system, intestines, bones, and brain. In 2011, Dr. Mecouram, a global cannabinoid expert, published a study showing that the unbalance between endocannabinoids and CB2 receptors is involved in many of the major diseases.

All three major active ingredients of ImmunAG are synergistic.

- CBD has been reported to have anxiolytic, antidepressant, antipsychotic, anti-inflammatory, anti-arthritis, and antitumor effects.

- Cariophylene has been reported by medical researchers to have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antimicrobial and antitumor effects.

- Humulen has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect.

2010A 2008 study found that humrene reduces the growth of malignant cells by 50%. A 2010 study found that humrene reduces the growth of malignant cells by 50 percent. When humrene and cariophyrene were used together, malignant cell proliferation was reduced by 75%.

Not all CBD's are made the same way.
Biological activity is when a substance is absorbed, and how much the substance actually
It shows whether it will be effective.
There is only one type of CBD in nature: Δ2-CBD.
Other types of CBD have had molecules created in synthetic positions or have been adapted by heating or processing
created at the time.
CBD extracted from different parts of the same plant may significantly reduce biological activity.
It is. In one analytical study, the bioactive activity of commercial CBD products derived from hemp is very
It was found to be low and variable. ImbunAG at least compared to that
76It had 10% higher biological activity.

Measuring the bioactivity of phytocannabinoid cannaidiol from cannabis sources,
and a novel non-cannabis source.
Journal of Medical Photo Research Vol.1,Article 2,(8-23)

any organ between kriyahop and hemp-derived CBD
There was no significant difference in biological activity.

Kriya hops are more likely than hemp-derived commercial CBD products
All samples show high bioactive activity.

Voices of the people who used it

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Mr. G.N. Niigata 50's Male
I've been suffering from migraines for many years. Before I had a headache, my eyes would sparkle and I would often fall asleep because my eyes were almost invisible over time. First of all, when I tried Kriya Hop's oil, I was pleased that the number of times of this painful headache was reduced, but if I did not use it many times, the effect would not last, so I began to use a tablet together. I'm really happy because I've been struggling for decades.

Mr. T.U. Kyoto 40's Male
Kriya Hop 40mg
I was usually troubled by the difficulty and pain of my legs due to muscle contracting. Half-doubted, after 30 minutes of drinking a tablet... The pain in my leg was gone, and the difficulty of moving was cured. Until now, I have been taking a variety of prescriptions from the hospital, it worked more than any medicine. I was surprised at this! With this tablet alone, I no longer have to take multiple medications, such as painkillers that I had been prescribed in the hospital until now, and drugs to relieve contracts, and I was no longer bothered by the side effects. If you drink from the same mouth, choose this tablet with no side effects.