Reduced water approved by the government

Why pay attention to reduced water

Let's first think about how the body works
The pH of our blood is 7.4 (±0.05) weakly alkaline.
And the pH in the cell is kept at 7.0, neutral.
However, we eat various foods and water, and acid is always produced in the process of metabolism.

In order to keep the pH of the body constant, carbon dioxide gas is expelled by breathing.
We experience quicker breathing when our bodies are struggling. Sometimes the body is trying to restore it naturally, not because of a lack of oxygen, but because the blood is inclined to acid.
Hyperventilation syndrome is a disease in which breathing increases unconsciously when you feel mentally stressed or anxious. In severe cases, you will lose consciousness. At this time, the pH of the blood is more alkaline than normal.

Another important thing is the kidneys. The kidneys have the function of filtering blood and expelling what it does not need. When the body is inclined to acidity, it excretes a lot of acid in the urine and regulates it. If you eat a lot of meat, your urine will be acidic, and if you eat a lot of vegetables, your urine will be alkaline. Besides that, the liver and gastrointestinal tract are working hard to regulate it.
Our body makes an effort to keep the pH constant.

What is the water you usually eat?
The tap water we usually eat is set at pH 5.8 to 8.6. Because it is weakly acidic to weakly alkaline.
It seems that the body does not have to work much.
But a lot of people love something mixed with it, not water. For example, 100% orange juice seems to be good for the body, but the pH is 4.0. Beer has a pH of 4.3 and sports drinks have a pH of 3.8, all of which are acidic. Coffee has a pH of 5~6 and green tea has a pH of 6.
It turns out that many of the foods and drinks we usually eat are really acidic.

What is reduced water?
Have you ever heard of reduced water, alkaline electrolyzed water, or alkaline ionized water?
These are water made by electrolysis of water, but it has a long history.
Research began in Japan in 1931, and in 1960 it was used for medical purposes as water that is beneficial to health.

1965In that year, the Ministry of Health and Welfare at that time recognized that it was effective for chronic diarrhea, indigestion, gastrointestinal abnormalities, antacid and excessive stomach acid.

Reduced water also exists in nature.
The most famous are the water of Lourdes in France, the water of Nordenau in Germany and the water of Tlacote in Mexico. In Japan, there are Hita Tenryōsui and Hakusan Meimizu. These are spring waters.

It is also known as miracle water, and it became famous because it was said that drinking the water there would make sick people feel better.

In modern society, this kind of water has decreased due to various pollutions.

The hot spring water is high temperature. There are many hot springs in Japan.
When I examined the places that were recognized as alkaline springs, I found that they contained a lot of natural hydrogen. In hot springs that use the source, there is sometimes a cup in the bathtub and it is written that you can drink it.

When I traveled to Nagano Prefecture, I was taken to a hot spring that tourists do not go.
It was used by local elderly people like a public bath. Everyone has beautiful skin,
How are you? There may be more natural reduced water if you look into it.

Unfortunately, most people cannot use natural, freshly pumped reduced water on a daily basis.
Some of you may have experienced that the water here is delicious and when you come home and drink it at home, it was not like that.
It may be because of the storage container, it may be the effect of feeling uplifted near spring water, or it may be because the ingredients contained in the freshly drawn water have been removed.

Spring water is something that is underground and comes out to the surface, so oxidation begins as soon as it comes into contact with the air.

Reduced water produced by electrolysis of tap water by a machine can be compared to spring water that comes out.
However, some people may think that spring water tastes better.

The number one factor that makes tap water taste unpalatable is chlorine and rust on pipes, but the amount of minerals is greatly involved in the taste after removing it. This depends on what kind of water the raw water is.
Japan there are few minerals in the soil, so there is a lot of soft water, but there are places like Okinawa where water is close to hard water.
Which water tastes good is also influenced by the environment in which you grew up.

By the way, how is reduced water made?
After purifying substances such as chlorine contained in tap water, electrolysis is performed to cause a redox reaction.
The oxidation side contains oxygen and hydrogen ions. And the reducing side contains hydrogen and hydroxide ions.
At the same time, it contains mineral components, so the concentration is higher than that of the original water.

Anti-aging is actually...
Oxidation is rusting, which is the aging of the body. Reduction is to undo, which is anti-aging that I have been hearing a lot about recently.

The body works to balance not only the pH balance but also this oxidation and reduction, but it gradually rusts and ages.

How wonderful it would be if it could be pulled back even a little with reduced water.

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What the water taught us

Recently, I had a brief encounter and read a book by a professor who was interviewed on a TV program that triggered the electrolyzed water boom in 1992. Actually, I didn't watch that program when it aired, but I watched the video and wanted to hear the teacher's story once. I didn't know you had a book until the other day.
At the beginning of the book, a senior doctor told me, "This water is a revolution, and if it continues like this, Western medicine will be destroyed," and it was introduced to the hospital because I wanted to see for myself if it really improved the disease, and it was written that I was instantly fascinated by this water.
Recently, it is said that there is evidence and dissertation data for everything, but the basics of medical care are the accumulation of each person, and there are many things that cannot be summarized as statistical data because each person has a different background.
There was a fact of electrolytic reduced water that I arrived at from many clinical cases.
Here are a few of them.

No one has had water poisoning
This is a story about a patient who was hospitalized and drank electrolytic reduced water. Have you ever heard that drinking too much water can lead to water poisoning? It is a condition in which the blood is diluted with water and the sodium level in the blood drops in severe cases, leading to death. In the case of electric reduced water 1 It was written that people had never seen it either.
Actually many people 1 On the day 14 It seems that you drank liters of electrolytic reduced water. who 1 No one had any abnormalities in the human test values. What surprised me was that diabetic nephropathy, which restricts water, also experienced that dialysis was postponed by drinking electrolytic reduced water, or that dialysis was not required.

Changes in the intestinal environment
When the doctor started drinking electrolytic reduced water with his family, the family told him that the odor after the toilet had decreased, and when I told the senior doctor about it, he experienced that the smell of the poop of the family dog had decreased. Later, it was found that this was due to changes in intestinal bacteria by electrolytic reduced water. The foul odor of stool is indole, skatole, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, histamine, nitrosamine, phenol, etc., which is caused by abnormal fermentation of proteins by bad bacteria such as Bacillus Welsh. This is said to cause cancer and allergies. The decrease in the foul odor of stool means that this bad bacteria has decreased. Baby's stool has a sweet and sour smell, which is due to bifidobacteria and lactic acid bacteria. As you grow, you will eat various things and your intestinal bacteria will change. If you notice, there are too many bad bacteria. By drinking electrolytic reduced water, the intestines become an environment where bad bacteria are difficult to live and good bacteria can easily live.

Changes in blood tests
Blood tests may not necessarily reflect the current condition and may appear to be getting worse. In fact, the patient was told that the data was getting worse even though he had drunk water, and when I asked him about the situation, he replied that his subjective symptoms were getting better. It seems that some people cannot adapt immediately because their body suddenly changes their environment after drinking electrolytic reduced water. In some people, it took half a year for the blood test to become normal due to the improvement of subjective symptoms.
Electrolytic reduced water alone does not improve the disease
It is important to believe that it will definitely heal. As long as you rely on something to cure it, whether it is atopy, intractable disease, or cancer, you will not be cured. Especially in the case of atopy, there are many rebounds and the person himself gets tired, but if you have strong conviction, you will eventually heal.

Thoughts on cancer treatment
The last chapter talked about cancer treatment. It is not a story that cancer can be cured only with electrolytic reduced water, but electrolytic reduced water that supports the basics of life activities while incorporating surgery and radiation therapy as necessary First, hyperthermia(Cancer hyperthermia)And he said that he is conducting lactic acid bacteria drinking therapy for intestinal immunity.

Diseases are self-curing
I have seen various patients and have reached the state of mind that the patients who are cured have no fear of the disease or that they are sick at all.

I have introduced a small part of the book, but if you are interested, please read it once.
In order for us to live a truly healthy life, it is necessary to think in an integrated manner, including not only water but also the mind. Nature cannot create intractable diseases, and you have the power to cure them. Water, electrolytic reduced water, is just one way to bring it out. Please think for yourself what you should do to live a healthy life without relying on medical care. Doctors only look at illnesses.

Reference Books:What Water Taught Us Munenori Kawamura

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