chili pepper

Foods that warm the body

The cherry blossoms ended in many Japan seasons.
It can still be cool in the mornings and evenings.

I think there are many people who get cold when they wear a little light clothes because winter is over.
In order to improve sensitivity to cold, it is important to build muscle properly.

But anyway, one of the ingredients that warms your body quickly when it gets cold is chili peppers.

In Italian, peperoncino means chili pepper.
When I ordered a menu with the name Peperoncino with pasta, the chili pepper was firm.
It is intertwined with a tangy sauce.

It is contained in peperoncino that warms the body after eating
It is because of the substance capsaicin.

Have you ever heard that it is good to put hawk's claws in shoes and socks for cold feet?
Isn't it?
This is also hot pepper.

Capsaicin also acts on receptors that react.

AndCbdis the same.
It is because of this effect that the body feels refreshed when taking CBD.

Speaking of foods that warm the body, there is also ginger.
This is because a substance called shogaol reacts with the same receptor as capsaicin.

This receptor is said to be capsaicin receptor TRPV1.
It is also associated with pain.

Have you ever experienced that it hurts when you get cold or that the pain eases when you get warm?
When you feel cold from a cold and your joints all over your body hurt, drink hot drinks such as ginger hot water.
The same is true that just drinking it will warm your body and relieve the pain.

In fact, commonly used painkillers are said to be antipyretic painkillers.
It has a cooling effect.

I think many people have pain medication as a regular medicine.
It may be a good idea to think again about how to use it.