What happened to me

If it's too hot in your throat, you'll forget about the heat.
I really thought so when I was talking about my physical condition over the past few years.
There are a lot of things that I have completely forgotten.

When I sleep, my arms are paralyzed and I can't move them, and of course I can't roll over.
A normal hair dryer is too heavy to hold, so a small hair dryer for travel is the best I can do.
I can't open a plastic bottle, I can't hold a pen and write.
When I drive a car, my arms go numb, so I alternately drive with one hand.

The symptoms, which were only in the upper limbs, gradually spread to both legs.
My knees hurt and I can't squat.
My feet hurt so much that I couldn't wear any fashionable shoes.

I started to think that this is how people get depressed.

Even if I use the knowledge that I am supposed to specialize in, I can't explain what happened.
It was coming.

I fall asleep well, but I definitely wake up several times in the middle of the night.
My fingers gradually became stiffer, especially in the middle of the night and in the morning, contractures and pain.

rheumatoid arthritis
The name of the disease goes round and round.
Because my mother was diagnosed with that, of course I also have a genetic predisposition.

No, I told my mother that I had rheumatoid arthritis first, and I took the medicine home.
It wasn't until some time later that I was diagnosed.
I left it up to the specialists.
That is, until the side effects of the medication appear.

I have to make sure it doesn't happen
That's all I've been thinking about for a long time.

Recently, the symptoms have almost disappeared.

I'm really grateful to be pain-free.

What causes it?
How did it get better?

One of the causes is injury, but it will not be the only one.
How it got better, it's not just about this.
All I can say is that the power of nature is great.
That's right, I don't use any of the help of Western medicine.

It's hard to forget this experience.
I have to tell you properly!