Do you take supplements?
Supplement is a word that comes from the meaning of supplementation and replenishment.

I'm taking supplements because I'm worried about something just by eating.

It may prevent disease.

Maybe you can get wrinkles?
Could gray hair be reduced?
Maybe you're skinny?

I think there are people who take supplements from various thoughts.

I wanted to be a little more feminine
You can take supplements,
I thought that anemia would not improve, so I took supplements and
I have experience.

It is a supplement that is full of many in the streets,
Many contain chemically synthesized components.

Because our bodies have a lot in common with what is in nature
It judges what you know this.
However, chemically synthesized products can only be judged as foreign matter.

Medicines used to be made from plants or minerals.
that it came to be chemically synthesized for mass production or other reasons
There is a history.

Plants as a meal
And when something is a little missing, it is a plant of supplementing.
A plant that works as a medicine when your body is unwell.

The animal knows it by instinct.
People who have dogs and cats eat grass that they do not usually eat.
I think that you have seen the appearance to do.

Whether you really need the supplements you usually take
Please review it once.
Some things may not be what you need to eat properly.

Think about it when you want to take medicine.
Maybe you can improve on food.

To improve my current slump
What kind of food is good?
What kind of life should I live?

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Healthy life expectancy

Healthy and long-lived
Isn't that what everyone wishes?

2020The average life expectancy of Japanese people in 2008 is 87.74 years for women and 81.64 years for men.

Healthy life expectancy is 75.5 years for women and 72.6 years for men in 2019 data.
Both men and women are ranked no. 1 in the world.

Healthy life expectancy is a period of time when you can live without limiting your daily life due to health problems.

Recently telework, he says he is sitting almost in a chair all day at stay home
There may be people, aren't there?

If you stay still, your muscles will surely decline.
Conversely, no matter how old you are, your muscles will stick.
The way of attaching is only different from when it is young.

Muscles aren't the only ones related to healthy life expectancy.

I want to be careful about what I eat.

There are few things that say that it is good to do only this.
Why don't you study properly and extend your healthy life expectancy even a little?

I myself studied various things because of my poor physical condition.
And after I felt a decline in physical strength after I was 40 years old, I began to move aggressively.
I was surprised that muscles are so tight.
I also tried various things about food myself.
It's not always right to be said to be good, but also in your own body
I am experiencing.

And above all, I've been clinical for many years and I've been in contact with a lot of patients
There are many things I have been taught.

Individual consulting, seminars, etc.
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Natural healing power

Natural healing power

It is the vitality that we humans have originally.

Homeostasis is the way to keep the body in a constant state.

When foreign bodies (bacteria, viruses, etc.) enter our bodies,
The immune corps is deployed to attack.
This immune corps is not just about strengthening.
Autoimmune diseases (e.e. rheumatism) that attack you if you are too strong (as is hay fever) or yourself
Balance is important.

To maintain homeostasis, this immune system, autonomic nervous system, and endocrine (hormone) are successful
Need to work.

One of the reasons why this homeostasis doesn't work well is
Stress, and aging.

No one can avoid aging.

But this aging, but don't you think there is an individual difference?
Reunion after a long time, everyone should be the same age
Have you never felt completely different?

What youthful people are doing and what the secret is will be the place of interest to everyone
Wouldn't it?

It is no to say that youthful = skin is young = blood vessel age is young.
Such a person might have homeostasis kept and immunity work normally.

If you have this, it is not what you should eat even this.

You want to live a long life in the super-aging era.
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Discomfort Index

High discomfort index
It is a word often heard from the rainy season to summer.
This is an indicator represented by temperature and humidity.

In summer in Japan, there are many areas with high humidity in addition to high temperatures.
For example, at 30 degrees, the discomfort index is high even if the humidity is as low as 35%.
When the temperature drops to 25 degrees, the humidity becomes 85-90%, which is an index that only feels uncomfortable.

This is an indicator of psychological and physiological stress.

It rains a lot and it is a season when it often feels stressful somehow.
Hydrangeas that bloom beautiful flowers in the season make you feel warm.

People because the unpleasant index does not go down just by looking at flowers,
Actually, how about including Kriya Hops in your mouth?

I like the method unexpectedly.

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Amazing changes in just 5 days

The atopic dermatitis only got better when I applied a new skin cream.
I heard a story because it is a great product.

It became a story that the intestinal environment is important for atopic.
At that time, it is a terrible atopic that the sheets are dirty with exudate
I did not think.

It is said that the diet and the faceting were also made.

anyway in that you need to return the intestinal environment
We talked about Kangen Water.

Just a few years ago, a mouse experimentPrebioticsit proved to work hard.

How about changing the water to drink without putting up with it like fusting in the first place?
It is easy to do because it is.

I'm going to do it and see.
I was served every day in a few days.
And in five days, the street becomes yellow to a good feeling
Although there is still itching and scabs, the exudate does not come out and clothes are usually dressed
It is a happy word.

In fact, a glass of Kangen Water is famous for its antioxidant properties.
It has the same antioxidant effect as eating 1kg of blueberries that I love.
So you're rejuvenated just by drinking water?
Yes, there are many people who are chronic and do not drink enough water.
The result may appear immediately if the skin is moisturized just by filling it.

It is a rabbit horn, that I was able to realize the change so quickly just by changing the water this time
It's a very nice story.

When I first started drinking, there was actually an important remark.
Itching of the skin will be easier when the pass comes out!

Have you had constipation and abnormal fermentation in the intestines?
One of its components is the itching component.histamine
are. Right. Constipation is eliminated, and the intestinal environment improves.
Histamine production is also reduced, isn't it?

What is that Kangen Water? Those who thought
Who wants to know more
Please contact us.

hay fever

To you who are suffering from hay fever

When did the number of people suffer from hay fever increase in early spring?
I have an allergy, but fortunately, the antibody of the suki and the sunflower is
Almost zero.
However, I had symptoms at different times than others.

Yes, hay fever is one of the allergic reactions to certain plants.
This is a disturbance of immunity.

Because it is too painful, the medicine prescribed when going to the doctor is
None of this also sleeps.
Even if it is said that it is better to get drowsy than before
I still get sleepy.

When I was a student, I had a hard symptom and prescribed medicine.
I slept all the time in the car while traveling with my friends.
I was drowsy enough to not be able to get up.

Kriya Hops.
The symptoms of this painful hay fever by adjusting immunity
You can expect it to be less likely to come out.

In my case, I almost never felt any symptoms before I know it.

Because there are various ways of feeling depending on the person
If you would like to know more, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The intestines are the second brain.

The intestines are the second brain.

The intestines not only digest and absorb food, but also work very importantly. Now some people say that the intestines are the second brain, the no first brain.
Recently, I have also heard the word intestinal beauty.

The inhabitants of our intestines are responsible for the health of the intestines.
That's the gut bacteria.
In the intestines live 1-2 kg of intestinal bacteria.
Its number is more than 1,000, 600 to 1000 trillion bacteria live.
It is said that it is a good fungus, a bad fungus, and an opportunistic fungus by its work.

Gut bacteria are very sensitive to what we say.
No one in modern times has ever given antibiotics when they are sick.
There will be very little.
Antibiotics are not only bacteria that harm us, but also gut bacteria that we need.
It will attack.
Even if you eat food called various junk food
The balance of intestinal bacteria changes.

Gut bacteria produce vitamins, hormones, and immune
It works very importantly for our body.

Dementia, Parkinson's disease, depression, diabetes, etc. are very related to constipation.
Do you know that?

There will be.

日本人の男性は下痢気味、女性は便秘気味というデータがあります。 あなたが普段食べているもの、飲んでいるもの見直してみませんか?

腸内細菌が私たちの性格にも関与しているという話があります。 食事を変えるだけで笑顔が増えるかもしれませんね。

Cannabinoid deficiency

Cannabinoid deficiency

In the evening, my eyes are drenched and my computer becomes difficult to see.
The shoulder becomes gachigachi by the desk work for a long time, and the head also hurts.
I have to finish it by the end of today.
I'm impatient with my feelings and I can't get caught up in it at all.

I want to go home early and early tomorrow.
I also know that lack of sleep is not good.

40Have you been getting worse and worse since you heard the 19-year-old voice?

I actually did too.

That's because there's a lack of endocannabinoids.
One cause.

Eat healthy, exercise, relax
This all leads to the condition of this endocannabinoid.

There are things you can do more directly.
Just include kriya hops in your mouth for 3-4 minutes.
30Because it has 4 times the amount of ml, you can drink plenty.

I got really easy with it.
Let's try it too.


Interviews at the moment of resolution







Review at the beginning of the year

Happy New Year

Most of you may be celebrating the New Year like never before.
I'm worried about how to protect my health and the health of my family.
I think there are many people who say that it will swell.

It is best to enhance the natural healing power and immunity.
It's not about going to the hospital or taking medicine.

First of all, please review your lifestyle habits.
What are you eating?
Are you drinking water?
Are you moving?
Are you taking a break?
Are you getting enough sleep?
Are you staying calm?

It's the beginning of the year, so set goals for this year.
Why don't you make an effort to boost your immunity as much as possible?

If you're busy and you're only eating ready-made food
I'll try to make one dish just for the weekend.
If you work at a desk and sit still all day, take a short walk on your way to work.
Spend less time on TV and smartphones and relax.
Try reducing the amount of coffee or tea by one cup and replacing it with water.
Even the little things can make a difference.

What do I need first and what should I do?
I'd like to ask you a question.

Please feel free to contact us here.

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