Healthy life expectancy

Healthy and long-lived
Isn't that what everyone wishes?

2020The average life expectancy of Japanese people in 2008 is 87.74 years for women and 81.64 years for men.

Healthy life expectancy is 75.5 years for women and 72.6 years for men in 2019 data.
Both men and women are ranked no. 1 in the world.

Healthy life expectancy is a period of time when you can live without limiting your daily life due to health problems.

Recently telework, he says he is sitting almost in a chair all day at stay home
There may be people, aren't there?

If you stay still, your muscles will surely decline.
Conversely, no matter how old you are, your muscles will stick.
The way of attaching is only different from when it is young.

Muscles aren't the only ones related to healthy life expectancy.

I want to be careful about what I eat.

There are few things that say that it is good to do only this.
Why don't you study properly and extend your healthy life expectancy even a little?

I myself studied various things because of my poor physical condition.
And after I felt a decline in physical strength after I was 40 years old, I began to move aggressively.
I was surprised that muscles are so tight.
I also tried various things about food myself.
It's not always right to be said to be good, but also in your own body
I am experiencing.

And above all, I've been clinical for many years and I've been in contact with a lot of patients
There are many things I have been taught.

Individual consulting, seminars, etc.