hay fever

To you who are suffering from hay fever

When did the number of people suffer from hay fever increase in early spring?
I have an allergy, but fortunately, the antibody of the suki and the sunflower is
Almost zero.
However, I had symptoms at different times than others.

Yes, hay fever is one of the allergic reactions to certain plants.
This is a disturbance of immunity.

Because it is too painful, the medicine prescribed when going to the doctor is
None of this also sleeps.
Even if it is said that it is better to get drowsy than before
I still get sleepy.

When I was a student, I had a hard symptom and prescribed medicine.
I slept all the time in the car while traveling with my friends.
I was drowsy enough to not be able to get up.

Kriya Hops.
The symptoms of this painful hay fever by adjusting immunity
You can expect it to be less likely to come out.

In my case, I almost never felt any symptoms before I know it.

Because there are various ways of feeling depending on the person
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