The intestines are the second brain.

The intestines are the second brain.

The intestines not only digest and absorb food, but also work very importantly. Now some people say that the intestines are the second brain, the no first brain.
Recently, I have also heard the word intestinal beauty.

The inhabitants of our intestines are responsible for the health of the intestines.
That's the gut bacteria.
In the intestines live 1-2 kg of intestinal bacteria.
Its number is more than 1,000, 600 to 1000 trillion bacteria live.
It is said that it is a good fungus, a bad fungus, and an opportunistic fungus by its work.

Gut bacteria are very sensitive to what we say.
No one in modern times has ever given antibiotics when they are sick.
There will be very little.
Antibiotics are not only bacteria that harm us, but also gut bacteria that we need.
It will attack.
Even if you eat food called various junk food
The balance of intestinal bacteria changes.

Gut bacteria produce vitamins, hormones, and immune
It works very importantly for our body.

Dementia, Parkinson's disease, depression, diabetes, etc. are very related to constipation.
Do you know that?

There will be.

日本人の男性は下痢気味、女性は便秘気味というデータがあります。 あなたが普段食べているもの、飲んでいるもの見直してみませんか?

腸内細菌が私たちの性格にも関与しているという話があります。 食事を変えるだけで笑顔が増えるかもしれませんね。