Improve the quality of your sleep

When I was young, I could sleep soundly until morning.
Recently I've been lying down, I wake up in the middle of the night,
wake up early in the morning

Isn't that true?

Some people say I'm sleeping properly.
40If you are older than 10 years old, please read ahead.

Have you ever heard of melatonin?

It is a necessary hormone for sleep.
This melatonin is a famous happy hormone that can be from serotonin.
Serotonin is made from the essential amino acid tryptophan.

Melatonin is a hormone secreted at night.
And this hormone secretion peaks at the age of four and continues to decrease.
Therefore, there are a lot of people who the quality of sleep becomes bad with age.

Melatonin is light that suppresses secretion.
So if you watch a smartphone or watch TV before going to bed at night,
The secretion of melatonin is reduced.

Have you ever seen an overseas movie and thought that the room was dark?
Modern Japanese houses are really bright, no, they are too bright, don't they?

Tryptofan, an essential amino acid, cannot be synthesized in the body, so it is necessary to take it from the diet.
We should be eating well if we eat normally.
However, intestinal bacteria are important for effective use of what you eat.

It is said that it is not enough though it is sure to eat when the intestinal environment is bad.

To improve sleep quality by focusing on melatonin
And do not watch TV or smartphone before going to bed at night,
It will make the intestinal environment in good condition.

However, the secretion of melatonin decreases with age.

It's quick to take in, isn't it?

いろいろな食材があります。 ぜひ調べてみてください。

Do you drink good water?

Are you drinking water?

"I don't drink water!" I have been told.
I was a patient with Parkinson's syndrome.

Michael J. Fox, star of the film Back to the Future
The disease I'm suffering from is Parkinson's disease.
He became ill while filming this movie series, and later an autobiography called Lucky Man
I'm writing.

Parkinson's patients have been constipated for 10-20 years before symptoms of the disease appeared.
It is said that there are many.

Not only that
Drink less water than originally
There is data to say.

There seem to be a lot of people who are less thirsty.

If you don't drink →, → develop Parkinson's

If you don't drink much water, you will become constipated.
It is said that the poor intestinal environment is an inducement to develop Parkinson's disease.

The body is 70% hydrated.
Water is very important to us.

What kind of water should I drink and how should I drink it?

Unfortunately, natural water such as groundwater, spring water, and river water
In Japan today, there are many things that are contaminated.

The water that you can drink a lot with very peace of mind is good.

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