Water-soluble Kriya Hops

About 50-70% of the human body is moisture. Cbd is an exophilic substance, so it does not dissolve in water as it is and 93.5% is discharged out of the body without being used.

It is not possible to dissolve oil in water as it is.

Emulsifiers are used to make them look unsolved but melted.
It is a so-called surfactant.

Nanoemulsions, nanoparticles, nano-ization, etc.
It becomes a technology that makes it look like it has melted by the method.

Kriya Hops succeeded in making Kriya Hops itself water-soluble without using that technique.
We do not use any chemically synthesized ones. (The manufacturing method is pending a patent))

This increased the utilization rate by 72%.

Of course, there are individual differences,
The speed to experience is much faster than oil, and depending on the person, within a few minutes
Now. And the amount required to get the same feeling is halved or less.

Effects of nanoemulsion on the body

Nano is one billionth of a meter.
Nanoparticles are particles with a diameter of 100 nanometers or less.
Nanoemulsion is a method of putting a fat-soluble substance (in this case, CBD) in nanoparticles and dissolving it with an emulsifier.
CBD itself is not soluble in water.

Nanoparticles are foreign substances to the body.

Humans do not have enzymes that break down nanoparticle membranes.

There are reports that active oxygen is generated, oxidative stress occurs, leading to cell death.

Nanoparticles that are not discharged out of the body accumulate in dead spots in the body and accumulate in tissues over a long period of time.

We have created a water-soluble product without using chemically synthesized products from Kriya Hops.

The undiluted solution has a little bitterness, but if diluted, the bitterness will not become and the taste of the drink will not be disturbed.
It has also become easier to put in various drinks.